Cleaning Crystals with Intention

Learn how we clean crystals with intention!

Cleaning Crystals with Intention via Smudging ✨ 🌟 There are various methods for cleaning crystals, for this batch, I decided to do a trifecta!
1) 🌧: I placed the stones in a bowl outside and let them collect rainwater for ~30min
2) 🌿: I drained the water, and mixed in some lavender (🌟you can also smudge with lavender)
3) πŸ’¨: Smudging with Sage locally sourced from my colleagues garden πŸ˜‰
Afterwards, I cleared my mind and space to focusing on programming them with the intention of maximizing it’s inherent properties and emphases healing.
While the rainwater also energized my crystals, a quick pop in the 🌞 works too!

Let’s πŸ—£: Do you use crystals? If so, how frequently do you clean yours? which method do you utilize?

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