100% Hand Rolled or Dipped Incenses!

As It Is The Bewitched Way, These Incenses Were Made With Positive Intention for Healing, Self-Love & Protection for the User. Prior to Making Our Products We Use The Cleansing Power of herbs such as Sage, Palo Santo, Lemongrass or Lavender & the Healing, Manifestation, and Amplifying Properties of Clear Quartz.

✨Each Set Comes With 7 Sticks, An Additional Purifier, & Small Tumbled Crystals.

Available in 4 scents:

✨Palo + Lavender- Palo Santo Meets Lavender Buds on This Beautifully Scented & Cleansing Incense. Palo Santo Removes Negative Energy & Provides Relaxation whole Lavender is Known for its Purification Properties as Well as a Mood Lifter! Comes With 3 Sprigs of Lavender & Amethysts.

✨Dragons Blood-is Known to Wars off Evil & Negative Energy. Some Think it Brings Luck in Money, Love, & Manifestation Abilities. When Burned with Camphor, it is Known to Cleanse The Home. Comes With Sage & Clear Quartz.

✨Lilac-A Beautiful Light Floral Scent. A Favorite Scent if Bewitched Essentials Owner & Lead Pourer, Kiarra 💜 Comes With Sage & Rose Quartz

✨$innamon- Cinnamon is Known for it’s Ability to Aid With Protection, Healing, Love, Success, Cleansing & More! Not to Mention it’s The Perfect Cozy Fall Scent! Comes With Sage and Clear Quartz.

Weight .002 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × .41 × .41 cm

Palo + Lavender, Dragon's Blood, Lilac, $innamon


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